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Fixed Annuities

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Can you tell me why anyone would purposely throw their money away in taxes?
Does it make sense to pay taxes on money you’re not using?

Then if there was a way to avoid taxes and stop throwing money away, at what time would you like to stop throwing it away, today or tomorrow?

Fixed Annuities earn a guaranteed rate of interest for a specific time period, such as one, three, five or ten years. This makes a good substitute for CDs only with more flexibility and benefits as seen below. Usually a better rate of return also.

Millions of people today can get a better interest rate on there money with safety of investment and NOT have to pay taxes until they take it out with Annuities.

Benefits of Annuities

CDs, Mutual Fund, Stocks, Bonds, and Money Markets do not always offer what Annuities can.

Which one of the above Benefits do you want to live without? I agree, none if you don’t have to and you don’t.

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